Friday, May 04, 2007

Beating? Oh, THAT beating.


Soldier: Afghans beat Canadians' prisoner

OTTAWA–Canadian troops in Kandahar were so disturbed by the beating of a prisoner they had just transferred to the Afghan police force that they demanded to have the man returned to their care, a top soldier says in a sworn affidavit.

The testimony of Col. Steve Noonan, a former senior commander on the Afghan mission, casts doubt on the claims of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and senior ministers that they had no specific reports of abuse of prisoners in Afghanistan.

Noonan tells of at least one detainee who got a rough ride after being handed over to the Afghan National Police (ANP). And he says it's documented in the military's own reports.

Your homework assignment is, of course, to spin this to blame the Liberals. Bonus points will be given for clever use of the phrases "unhinged", "moonbat" or "left-wing CBC bias," as well as denigrating the source as the communist, Red "Star."

You may also compare your opponent to Neville Chamberlain or accuse them of being "Nazis," but preferably not at the same time.


Ti-Guy said...

I'm going to go full-metal wingnut and blame the soldiers. If those namby-pambies can't handle the brutality of this, the Most Glorious War of This or Any Other Generation, then they shouldn't have signed up.

The wingnuts will eventually disgrace themselves into exactly that kind of "fuck the troops" rationalisation. You can bet on that. Just after they get around to blaming "the Jews."

Niles said...

At the same time, I'm feeling fuzzy warm with the military people on the ground in at least that case. They didn't let it slide. They didn't shrug and walk away.

I don't know what the higher ups did with it, but the frontline people have my admiration for walking the talk. A definite "I support the troops, but the troops are not the mission assigned to them" moment.

Ti-Guy said...

I've always supported the troops; I have a very positive impression of the professionalism of the CF. But if we continue to Americanise the forces by romanticising militarism and sending the Forces into pointless empirial adventures and treat the whole thing like a video game, we're going to end up with another Somalia or an Abu Ghraib.

I hope Rick "Scumbag" Hillier is paying attention.

Scotian said...

I agree with Ti-Guy here, if we do not deal with this problem now and instead allow Hillier and O'Connor to continue down this path that professionalism I have always seen and respected in our military will be destroyed. This is part of the attack on the honour of our military and its history for partisan political purposes which has had me so infuriated on this issue over the past fortnight.

The Seer said...


The Unhinged Liberals, therefore, bear responsibility for everything Moonbat-Rick has does.

(I win.)