Sunday, April 08, 2007

I'll have what HE'S smoking.

Via the sorts of folks who gave you Lurita Doan laying a smackdown on Henry Waxman, we give you Bill O'Reilly tearing Geraldo Rivera a new one.

Tune in tomorrow to see Sen. James Inhofe show that bitch Barbara Boxer who's in charge.


thwap said...

That's one way to keep the grassroots going. right-wing cannon fodder think they're winning even when they're losing.

no, strike that. they think women and minorities have taken over Canada.

on second thought, they're just completely insane.

Ti-Guy said...

There cannot a bigger misogynist loser on the Web than that thing, McGuire. He makes Jordan Alcock seem almost charming.

the rev. said...

Aren't these the same folks who brought such books as "Belgian Military Victories through the Ages" and the "The Cordon Bleu Guide to British Cuisine"?