Friday, April 06, 2007

Civility of discourse, Bill O'Reilly style.

Once upon a time, Blogging Tory "neo conservative" had a good deal to say about your humble scribe:

Raging leftbot blows a gasket

It seems CC likes to dish it out... but he sure can throw a hissy fit when it comes to taking it...

We can, I'm sure, all relax and wait for neo's timeless wisdom on this bit of gasket-blowing, I'm sure:

Take it away, neo.

(H/T: Oliver Willis.)

BONUS TRACK: It's moderately amusing how sensitive hacks like neo insist that any anonymous commenter who happens to agree with me must be me, and continues to insist on that even after he's been corrected.

It's as if these people can't possibly imagine that there's more than one person who objects to their illogical rantings. That's just weird, bordering on pathological.

I recommend pharmaceuticals.

: TRex does Bill O'Falafel. At this point, does anyone seriously think we'll be hearing about that "unhinged, deranged moonbat" Bill O'Reilly? Or whether anyone over there in the Dumbshit-o-sphere is now going to coin the phrase "Immigrant Derangement Syndrome?"

And, yes, of course that was rhetorical.


the rev. said...

If only they had started throwing punches,or better yet chairs - O'Rielly and Rivera - even if they beat the living shit out of each other, it's still a win-win situation.

CC said...

Or, as they say, "I don't care who wins, I'm just praying for injuries."

Neo Conservative said...

sure cc... i'll get right on that, because, you know... you are the puppetmaster.

thanks for the link though... always nice to have your little winged monkeys dropping by for a dose of reality.


E in MD said...

I just love it when someone stands up to Bill O. He's such a great raging bully that people tend to just cowtow to him which is something the 'little boy getting beat up in the schoolyard' in me rankles at.

I would have paid good money to see Geraldo bust OReilly in his beady little eyes.

Ti-Guy said...

I left a comment over at Macademia Nut's. What. A. Psycho. Maybe we can get him to put up a clip of himself on YouTube. I'm sure his hysterics are way more entertaining than those of that cretinous and depraved Falafel-lover.

One of the reasons no one seems to bust Bill-O in the chops is that, apparently he's really tall and uses that to intimidate people.

Weasel said...

I would have paid good money to see Geraldo bust OReilly in his beady little eyes.

But someone would end up with a broken nose..... probably Geraldo. ;) Now Mike Tyson vs. O'Reilly: there's one helluva match. XD

thwap said...

"a dose of reality"

Yeah. The sad reality that right-wingers are total dumb-fucks.