Sunday, March 18, 2007

Your occasional Joel.

And every so often, when you're tired of scraping the bottom of the barrel, it's worth actually lifting up the barrel to see what Proud to be Canadian's Joel Johannesen is up to.

Here, we find Joel first complaining about (heh heh) Canadian media bias:

In Canada, in case you never read this blog and you didn’t know, the Liberal Party’s colossal adscam sponsorship criminal corruption scandal (and wiener stand!) was committed by...... “the federal government”. Or “Ottawa”. Not Liberals.

I know this because that’s how it’s portrayed in the liberal news media here in Canada. As I’ve said, soon, the population will indicate in a media-sponsored poll about it that they’re “confused” about who was responsible. Then soon after that, they’ll believe that the Conservatives were responsible for it.

I know what Joel means. When I Google on the combination of "liberals" and "sponsorship scandal," the paltry 128,000 hits just aren't enough to help me connect the dots.

But not satisfied with looking only half the goober, Joel continues:

NBC Notes Charges Against Torricelli, But Fails to ID His Party

Lisa Myers delivered an enterprising report, on Friday’s NBC Nightly News, on how a Senate committee is investigating possible UN “oil-for-food” program misdeeds by former Senator Robert Torricelli. But no where in her story did she identify Torricelli’s party.

Once again, Joel is dead on, since the proper course of action would have been, not to omit Torricelli's party affiliation, but to switch it to the opposition. Sort of like this:

And closing with a vengeance, we have Joel:

They report.... half the story. THEN you decide. That’s liberal. That’s progressive.

Says the man who, curiously, has been awfully quiet about the current Alberto (Republican) Gonzales (Republican) attorney (Republican) purge (Republican) scandal. But that's just Joel being Joel.

And now, on to the looming Canadian federal election, where I can't wait to see how Stephen Harper explains how, after 13 years in power, his party still couldn't get anything done about the environment.

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