Thursday, March 15, 2007

Wanker of the Day: Backseat Blogger.

Despite the fact that I've developed a fairly strong constitution from reading the Blogging Tories on a regular basis, there are still posts that are so monumentally asinine, they make me want to bite the head off a live Catholic.

One such example of jaw-dropping dumbassitude is the previously-referenced piece by Backseat Blogger, which opens badly with the following title:

On that ‘Canadian’ kid and his Iranian parents

Stop. Right. There.

Let's establish something that is absolutely indisputable and which is simply not open to debate: nine-year-old Kevin is a Canadian citizen. Are we clear here? This fact is not open for discussion. He's Canadian, which is why BB is being a total douchebag by putting the adjective "Canadian" above in quotes. There's no quotes here -- he's Canadian and for BB to even hint that there's something conditional or qualified about that is only the beginning of BB's arrogant sleaziness.

Not content to demean Kevin's citizenship, BB feels the need to impress upon everyone the fact of Kevin's "Iranian parents," as if their nationality is somehow relevant. Why BB thinks this is important is beyond me, since I doubt that would have been an issue if they'd been, say, Irish, but BB clearly thinks this is critically important since he repeats that fact in his opening original sentence (emphasis added):

I wasn’t planning on blogging about that kid and his Iranian parents ...

Yes, BB, we get it already -- you're a freakin' bigot. We've established that. No need to pound it home. They're ragheads and should be sent back where they came from. Message received loud and clear. But here's the best part.

If there's anything bigots can't stand, it's being called on their bigotry, which I did back here, which gets BB's knickers in a twist, at which point he tries to dig himself out with the update:

Update: Silly Cynic seems to think that the colour of one’s skin should make a difference. I think the comment betrays more about the state of CC’s alleged mind than anything else. But just for the record, I couldn’t care less whether the people in this story(or any other story for that matter) are black, white, or pink with purple polka dots. Skin colour is irrelevent. It’s what they did that counts.

Naturally -- the fact that BB kept reminding us that the parents were Iranian is pure conicidence. BB's not a bigot; not at all. And the fact that the parents were ragheads? Never occurred to him.

And as for the rest of his pus-filled prose:

CC and Sourpuss were all upset that the Americans had the temerity to ‘incarcerate’ a Canadian in a ‘prison like’ atmosphere. Boo hoo hoo. My heart bleeds for the family. NOT.

well, I don't think that needs any more commentary from me.

I think we're done here.


Alison said...

I don't think we are done.

"It’s what they did that counts"

What exactly did they do wrong?

Use fake passports to avoid being returned yet again to the country where they were tortured, a country whose revoking of their original passports forced them to acquire fake ones?

No, wait, I've got it - they failed to abort the kid before finding out whether Canada would accept them.

That must be what BSBlogger thinks they should have done.

Chimera said...

Okay...can we be fair, here? The kid was born in Canada, which makes him a Canadian citizen. And he was born in a period of time in which his parents were trying to convince immigration officials that they should be allowed to stay in Canada. Whether his birth was intentionally timed for this purpose or not is moot. But it's extremely "convenient." Actually, he's a dual citizen of both Canada and Iran. But he's nine years old, and he cannot be in Canada on his own. Canadian law requires that if he's in this country, he must be under the control and protection of a parent or guardian.

His parents are not Canadian citizens. They are Iranian citizens. And Canadian Immigration does not appear to want them to be Canadian citizens, seeing as how their appeal for refugee status was denied the first time around. After all their appeals were exhausted, they were deported back to Iran.

They had fought being sent back, claiming they would be killed. They're still alive.

They have claimed torture. There has never been any proof of torture.

Let's see...making false claims to imigration officials, being in possession of -- and using -- falsified government documents, trying to sneak back into a country to which they were already refused admission...

...what's not to believe, right?

Where does ethnicity/religion/the term "raghead" enter into anything?

Mes Amis said...

Aww, come on CC.
You've been pretty hard on the old backseat driver lately.
I think he's just been baiting you to get your attention.
After all, for a BT he's got you on his 'I Haunt' list so that's kind of special.
I'd say he has a soft spot for you and considering the alternative, that might be preferable.

If you check out his blog, I can see a definite change in his tone since he saw then posted about that movie '300'.
Note the frustration he's going through after being so close but so far away from those Spartan six packs, those Grecian glutes , those Hellenic hunks.
All that meat and no potatoes.

Give him time and I'm sure he'll calm down and stop rubbing you the wrong way.
Otherwise he'll drive you round the twist with his bait and switch tactics.
He'll surely turn you into his next 'basket case' - or maybe that's his devious plan.

On the surface he does seem to be a mix of contradictions but it just might be difficulty of trying to express himself coherently in this imperfect medium.
In other circumstances he could be someone you might share a laugh with or take in a movie.
Just don't take him up on his offer to share his popcorn.

You're the one driving this here crate and he, by choice, is in the backseat steaming up your windows.
Still, knowing his place in this vehicle maybe just a 'If I've got to pull this car over' warning should straighten him right out...
Yeah, that and I'm King Leonidas.

catnip said...

They have claimed torture. There has never been any proof of torture.

How do you know that? They haven't even had a hearing yet.

You don't get to just pull stuff outta your butt and claim it's true.

Chimera said...

"They haven't even had a hearing yet."

Where have you been for the past several years? They've had several hearings! All their claims were deemed spurious, and their petitions have been denied. Repeatedly.

thwap said...


Where'd you get your info?

catnip said...

Where have you been for the past several years? They've had several hearings!

See? That's the problem with you and backseat wingnut. The father claims he was tortured in Iran after he was deported from Canada. There has not been a hearing about that yet. You don't get to have your own facts. Sorry.

CC said...

chimera wrote:

"Okay...can we be fair, here? The kid was born in Canada, which makes him a Canadian citizen."

Thank you. That was my point.

Backseat Blogger said...

wow... hell hath no fury like a cynic(and sourpuss) scorned.

The issue is really moot.

The parents will fight this for years and by the time they're done young Master Convenient Birth will be able to sponsor them on his own merit as a Canadian.

and mes amis... you're right ;) if only I'd known! :). It's all a question of subliminated homosexuality.

sooey said...

that's quite an effort they're making to become canadian citizens. more'n you ever did, i bet.

thwap said...

"Hey, Canadians were killed in New York that day 9-11! Of course we have to send soldiers to rape teenage girls in Iraq!"

(or something like that.)

BackstreetBlogger: I think CC was right to criticize your putting quotation marks around Canadian in the case of that boy.

It's arbitrary, "convenient birth" as you say, but Canadian is Canadian. Hate to be the second one to break that to you.

Chimera said...

Yes, Canadian birth makes the kid a Canadian citizen. So we let him in. Now -- who's gonna look after him? His parents have to stay out.

This is their second kick at the can as far as entry into the country goes -- they were deported the first time after years of hearings and appeals (why do I bother to repeat myself? Nobody wants to know about the first time they got into the country illegally. Everybody seems to think that first round of spurious pleadings don't count), when the immigration investigators decided that their claims of torture were unfounded.

Catnip, the father claimed torture the first time he tried to get refugee status and citizenship. Immigration investigators found no evidence of it then. What makes you think they're going to believe him now, when he isn't even entitled to a hearing? He's in the damned country illegally!

How many times do you hear a lie before you start thinking it's the truth? No bloody wonder we've got the government we've got -- people will line up and fall for any sob story if they hear it often enough!

Anonymous said...

How many times do you hear a lie before you start thinking it's the truth?

This is what Fox News wants to know. Or knows well. Not sure which.

Dave said...

"hey make me want to bite the head off a live Catholic."

I assume this has some higher satirical meaning. Can you provide the context for this?

PGP said...

You should remember that I and not you are at the top of the food chain!
I'm stayin' here too!