Thursday, March 08, 2007

No! Really?

When we describe the Blogging Tories as "slow," we don't mean that in just the figurative sense of the word (emphasis added):

The CBC news program The Fifth Estate came out with its big expose on the Iraq war last night The Lies That Led to War. Anyone who has been asleep since 9/11 will have found it a revelation. Everyone else will have wondered what it was going on about.

Bob McKeown did have some interesting points, however, for a Liberal and leftist audience to chew on. One was that Saudi Arabia was the country responsible for 9/11. It supplied the hijackers, the leadership and the money that made the attack possible. McKeown was trying to make the point that Iraq was the wrong country to attack by suggesting Saudi Arabia would have been the right one.

Tune in next week when Frank breathlessly tells us all about some Liberal corruption scandal involving sponsorship. Or something like that.


thwap said...

Thanks BT's. I'll give that a chaw.


Ti-Guy said...

I watched the episode, and I don't even think McKeown was suggesting Saudi Arabia be attacked. It was just another fuck-up in the fucked-up analysis they used to lie themselves into a fucked-up war.

These people...they hear only what they want to hear.