Monday, January 22, 2007

... but my friends call me "Nostradamus."

Via Cathie from Canada, we follow the links to find Liberal Oasis' Bill Scher, giving some advice to the Democrats back on Jan 10 (emphasis in original):

The point is to make it clear to the public that Democrats are trying to change the course, have a plan to change the course, and if the course isn't changed, that's all on the shoulders of Bush and his supporters.

And via me, we follow the links to find me, giving some advice to the Democrats back on Dec 21:

The Dems have to take a deep breath and give the Bush administration free rein for the next two years to see this fiasco through to the end. It sounds harsh but, for purely political reasons, the Dems have to protect themselves in every way so that everyone can see it was the GOP who screwed this pooch...

... the Dems' first priority should be to protect their backs, and the only way to do that is to keep giving George W. Dumbass as much rope as he wants to hang himself thoroughly.

And at no extra charge, I predict ... I predict ... that Joel Johannesen will post something unspeakably fucking dumb at some point this week.

Thank you, thank you ... I'm here until Friday, enjoy the rest of the show.

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