Friday, November 03, 2006

Well, OK, THAT might have something to do with it, too.

Not surprisingly, Canada's homophobic little bigots are getting revved up for yet another kick at the can when it comes to same-sex marriage and that's a good thing since, as we all know, nothing represents more of a threat to the sanctity of Biblically-blessed heterosexual unions than the thought of two same-sex people you've never heard of getting hitched.

Well, all right, maybe having a mistress, slapping her around, then paying her to keep her mouth shut, or getting three years worth of blowjobs from a gay, male hooker. Things like that might be an issue, too. It's hard to tell.


Ti-Guy said...

I just realised that Haggard is that Christopathic psycho I saw on Richard Dawkins's documentary about irrational faith (which I saw on Avi Lewis's The Big Picture. CBC....Boo Yah!)

Oh, there's no doubt this guy has any number of psycho-sexual hang-ups. I think avocados should worry about their virtue if they're near this guy.

Anonymous said...

So far Haggard's just copped to "indiscretions", probably related to drug buys. It wasn't obvious to me that the best place to get crystal meth was via -- go figure.

At any rate, Haggard will probably claim he was buying a stash for personal protection reasons. Like Ashley Smith, I'm sure he had a copy of "A Purpose Driven Life" handy. The only other thing he needed in case of being held hostage was a stash of crystal meth.

CC said...

About those "indiscretions" -- was at the gym watching CNN, and Haggard first denied even knowing the other individual, which I suspect is a lie that's going to collapse in short order.

So much for that "not bearing false witness" thing.