Thursday, November 09, 2006

God help us if they ever marry and have kids.

Proud to be Canadian's Joel Johannesen touts the other-worldly pontificatory brilliance of that proud "Canadian," Ann Coulter (emphasis eye-rollingly added):

This week Ann Coulter plays on the fact that Democrats had to pretend to be conservatives in order to win their mid-term elections; and the fact that the mid-term elections prove only how unpopular the Democrats are.

Any additional commentary on my part would just be cruel, don't you think?


thwap said...

So the American people proved how unpopular the Democrats are, and, correspondingly, how popular the Repugs are, by VOTING FOR THE DEMOCRATS???

Why didn't they just vote Republican you stupid shit?

clue: Because they thought the Republicans were a bunch of incompetent, stupid morons. On several levels.

The sick thing about Coulter is that she's supposed to be this unhinged right-wing patriot/fanatic, but she's really just a calculating partisan shill who shits on Americans if the G.O.P. tells her to.

Simon said...

This talking point (that the election somehow proves that conservatism is alive and well and that Americans hate liberalism) is getting really tired, really fast.

Coulter is probably merely the 47th-or-so highly visible right-wing whackjob to spout this nonsense since yesterday, which makes her completely unoriginal. What that makes Joel, I'm not sure, but it ain't good.

Ti-Guy said...

The only thing this proves is that the American electorate voted mostly Democratic. That's it, that's all.

CC, you may have to start reaching for fruit that is less low-hanging, now that it's pretty much on the ground...and quite rancid.

Canadian Observer said...

Is she really relevant anymore? Does anyone with half a brain care what she has to say, anyway?

Ti-Guy said...

As long as the corporate media thinks she's relevant, she's relevant. When they start ignoring her, I'll certainly respond in kind.

Alison said...


"Maryland Gov. Robert Ehrlich's campaign is acknowledging that it paid for fliers handed out Tuesday suggesting that Ehrlich and U.S. Senate candidate Lt. Gov. Michael Steele were endorsed by Democrats.

Both Ehrlich and Steele are Republicans."

CC said...

And it's not the first time Steele has pulled something like this. You could write a freaking book on the GOP sleaziness in this election.

The Seer said...

Have your fun laughing at conservatives who think they won this election; they also think we're winning the war in Iraq.

The Seer said...

ditleHave your fun laughing at conservatives who think they won this election; they also think we're winning the war in Iraq.