Thursday, September 07, 2006

"Way too much work" open thread.

Has a Blogging Tory said anything particularly dense lately? I mean, besides Steve Janke?


steve said...

It will be interesting how they deal with Clinton and Mickey Mouse.

They are awaiting instructions form their beloved higher authorities.

What is also interesting is the avoidance of any topic related to CPC screw ups.

I guess the worst I've seen lately is KKK as Churchill.

thickslab said...

One of these days, Steve Janke will go too far with someone who doesn't want to be pushed around and he'll get sued.

And I'll laugh, because he'll deserve it.

Ti-Guy said...

Well, I decided to do a little experiment and venture over there. My hypothesis was that I could pick the first blog and easily find something stupid. The first attempt had to be thrown out, as it was Steve Janke's blog (and a post guessed it...Cindy Sheehan), so I went to the second...Gay and Right (which is stupid enough right there). But the current post just featured a quote from a boring Jerusalem Post article, so I went to the third one..Dust My Broom...I figured I'd hit pay dirt there for sure, but then it was just a link to a Bin Laden's latest video, so...nada. Then I went to the fourth and it was ...SDA...!!!!

...Fuck. That. Someone else give it a shot.

The Seer said...

My first blog hit produced this:

"[W]hat must it be like for a Democratic politician to go to an event and know, even before he or she walks in that door, that a significant percentage of the people there will be utterly insane?"

Small dead animals.

Not to spoil the party but when one of our employees today argued that George Jr. is an "idiot," I informed her that The Right Honourable Jean Chr├ętien heretofore had announced that George Jr. is not an idiot.
"Then he's an idiot," she said, referring to the former PM.

Alison said...

I did find this to be moderately amusing earlier today.

Evidently the problem is not really that Peter MacKay plagiarized from Joel at Proud To Be a Doofus when he made his remark about "tea with Osama". No, the problem is that the CBC failed to catch it and didn't mention Joel or his blog.

Given that MacKay's phrase was only remotely similar to PTBaD's phrase anyway, I thought the whole thing was tongue-in-cheek till I got to this :

"This all reminds me of the time the Boston Globe quoted me from my blog. The trouble was, it wasn’t me who said what they quoted, it was a reader/commenter who said it; and they cited the wrong web site.."

You have to ply your claims of plagiarism and non-attribution where ever you can get them these days, I guess.

Adam said...

That's chillingly unfunny, Alison. It reminds me of the time the Toronto Star quoted me from my blog. Not only did they attribute the quote to the wrong person, but they didn't even get my words right! And I don't even have a blog!

catnip said...

rofl adam!