Thursday, September 21, 2006

The mote in one's eye, and all that.

It doesn't take much to get unhinged Catholic Kathy Shaidle all cranked up:

UK: 6-year-old burned to death in "honour killing"

"Alisha's brother, 21-year old Abdul Hamid, had been seeing a teenaged girl, Meherun Khanum, since the end of 2005. Meherun was the sister of Hussein Ahmad. When her family found out about the relationship, a threatening phone call was made to Abdul on Thursday, March 9, warning him to stay away from the 15-year old girl.

"The following day, the arson attack took place, shortly before midnight."

The two accused men deny the charges.

The little girl was trapped in her bedroom and suffered burns over 95% of her body. She died in hospital the next day.

Oooooh oooooh ... can I play, too?

Religiosity Common Among Mothers Who Kill Children

Andrea Yates said Satan told her to drown her five children.

Deanna Laney said the Lord sent her signs to beat her three sons with stones.

And the night before Dena Schlosser became the latest Texas mother to take her child's life, she told her husband she wanted to give her children to God. The suburban Dallas mother was charged with capital murder for severing her 10-month-old baby's arms. Attorneys were expected to discuss her competency in court Tuesday.

Women who kill their children commonly cite God, the devil and other religious influences for their actions. Although the mothers are also often found to be severely mentally ill or psychotic, the recurring theme of religiosity begs the question: Is religion to blame?

Theologians, sociologists and psychiatrists generally say no. They say religiosity is a common theme among psychotics because hallucinations and delusions usually take familiar forms.

Your move, Kathy.


Herertic said...


steve said...

Shaidle is the pope's kind of catholic. Scary. I can't imagine what talking to her in person must be. The normally odious sda gets even more stupid and viler when wanke and her get involved.

Ti-Guy said...

Shaidle's a psycho.

Miss Cellania said...

The way fundamentalist branches, whether Christian or Muslim, treat women can drive anyone stark raving bonkers. Its just so much easier to keep them at home making babies, under wraps, fearful and guilt-ridden, than it is to make them happy enough to stay with you.

Anonymous said...

Ok...My partner is a psychotherapist, and according to her understanding of the research literature there is a strong relationship between super religiousity and mental illness. Her very first client thought he was the pope....He was severely ill. The cops finally busted him after he dressed accordingly and went to a very tall building and tried to preach to the multitudes.

Meaghan Walker-Williams said...

Yates was suffering from post-partum psychosis. I'm not sure if the parallel is exactly fair.

ajsuhail said...

I am still waiting for Kathy to make good on her threats and permanently move to the US.Canada would be a far better place without this racist, venomous woman.I wonder if we can persuade David Miller to ship her to Michigan with the rest of the trash