Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Don't panic! It's all under control!

[Updated with new snark below at no extra charge.]

Whoa, what a relief:

You can read and write comments again at ProudToBeCanadian. For the past couple of days it was switched off. You can again comment to Blog entries, and to our Columnists’ columns. And as before, you don’t have to join or log in to comment, but being registered and logged in makes it easier, and avoids the necessity of moderator screening.

That's right -- being registered and logged in makes the process easier. Except for that annoying fine print:

Your "membership" has been activated and is ready for use. Now that you're activated, please make use of your privileges!

If you're a LIBERAL, please remember that:

** You are a guest at ProudToBeCanadian ("PTBC"); and it is a privately-owned facility, and yes, privately-owned things are still allowed in this country;

** You are granted a priviledge [sic] by us as the owners of this site to post comments. You do not have "a right" to make comments at PTBC. Please be aware of the difference. You are not automatically "entitled" to anything at PTBC;

** We're under no obligation to provide you with a platform, at our expense, to rant on and on about liberalism, the "Canadian value" of abortion, smoking pot, socialism, or any other liberal-left ideal. Nor are we obligated to even allow you to post any of your comments at all whatsoever, and we may delete them if they break our very reasonable rules, and we are under no obligation to consult with you first;

** And most of all remember that character assassination attempts or even personal insults against the site owner, blogger(s), columnists, or any commenter --are simply not tolerated. Nor are rude, insulting, bigoted cliché remarks made in blanket form against the group at PTBC or any portion of them, nor conservatives generally for that matter. If you type "Nazi" or "heil" or "Hitler" or "fascist", you will be banned for life simply on the basis that you're a moron. If you type "homophobe", you may be banned for life or just a for a while.

** You will have to tread lightly, respectfully, and remember that you're among people who are committed conservatives (despite the teaching at schools and from the liberal media which permeates our lives), you're not necessarily among friends, and nobody will reach out to you for a group hug. And if you do remember that, you'll get along just fine and last forever at PTBC.

If you're a CONSERVTAIVE [sic .. hee hee], show your support for the conservative cause by being active and regularly making comments -- even if it's just light-hearted one-liners.

For convenience, when you log in, you can set the log-in procedure to automatically "remember" you, so you won't have to log in each time you visit (and if you do use that feature, don't "log-out" or it resets). That makes it easy to quickly make comments when the urge strikes you.

Please also remember that this site is a massive undertaking and relies on cash contribution from regular folks like you. No, it isn't "free", you know, like our healthcare system is "free"! And no, "somebody else" isn't going to cover for your non-support. And no, we do not get any government funding or tax breaks. SUPPORT US PLEASE, or we simply won't be able to carry on. And no, you will not get a tax receipt if you do support us, because we're not a registered charity, and we hope we never have to be.

Thank You!

Other than that, they'd love to hear from you.

AFTERSNARK: The most depressing (and predictable) feature of that entire site can be found in the scribblings of commenter "Mister Kim" for that posting, who writes:

Got a comment ?? Then COMMENT !

Do not be afraid to speak up and voice your opinion. The Left is counting on your fear to do so.

Because, as we all know, there's nothing more terrifying than expressing your opinion on a website on which absolutely no dissension to your beliefs will be tolerated.

Profiles in courage, the lot of them.

SMITHERS! RELEASE THE HOUNDS! Until now, I'd resisted the temptation to link to the earlier Joel Johannesen-related idiocy but, sadly, commenter David just had to pick at that scab so, what the hell -- if you have a couple of hours and at least half a bottle of good bourbon, make yourself comfortable and go here, here, here. here, here, here, and, finally (God help us all) here.

This is, without question, the best entertainment you're going to get from someone in my price range. I hope you appreciate it.


Grog said...

And these clowns bitch and bellyache about "media bias"?

Paladiea said...

Double standard much?

Zorpheous said...

The short version.

Please express opinions that are in line with our own, or we will ban you.

Jesus, what a bunch is whiny arse, babies. Damn, they sound more like those mythical liberals that they keep bitching about.

steve said...

they are warriors in their basements

David said...

Be careful folks, you are impugning Joel's reputation and integrity again!

David said...

Scab-Picker...hmm, that might have to be my new online name. Gross and precise in just three syllables. Oops, sorry CC, I meant 00000011 syllables. And that is as high as I can count.

The Seer said...

So I took the opportunity to check ouit the comments at ProudToBeCanadian and found the comments to be more entertaining than the blog itself.

From a commentator identified as "The Patroit" came word that the Grits might "have some sort of invisible ray that they shoot down from outer space that sucks Canadians['] brains out their rear ends[.]"

According to his profile, The Patroit has 28 years in the RCMP, so I figure he knows. But probably isn't telling us everything.

The Grit Ray, seems to me, explains a lot. Cuz as a good number of the teevee commentators down south like to say, Our Beloved Leader was able to speak in complete sentences and carry on a normal conversation when he was governor of Texas. They have him on tape; they like to replay these tapes to show what might have been.

Like, maybe the Liberals aimed their Grit Ray at the White House on January 21, 2001. Under this analysis, EVERYTHING, from 9/11, to Iraq, to Hurricane Katrina to the current issues facing Canadian troops in Afganistan, is the Liberas' fault. (Notice, I didn't even say anything about the effects of the Grit Ray on Stephen.)

In summary, I want to thank you for pointing me to the comments at ProudToBeCanadian. The insights contained in these comments have opened my eyes to reality and the true danger that Liberals pose to Canada, and to the world.

eb said...

Hitler sucked.


Anonymous said...

Canadian Cynic, you are a diamond in the rough.
Thank you.
Laughter IS the best medicine. The nuggets of wisdom are a bonus.

On Canadian Sentinal: I find it akin to visiting the zoo.