Tuesday, August 22, 2006

You keep using that phrase "double standard" ...

Apparently, Blogging Tory Brandon Langhjelm is a bit miffed by the practise of characterizing conservatives by their most extreme, racist, homophobic and, in general, totally dingbat representatives.

This is a good point since, as we all know, the Conservative Party of Canada has been historically very careful to weed out the most hopelessly wingnut of their party members.

Because, of course, that's just the right thing to do.


Grog said...

About all it really says is that Harper can't squelch the squirming mass of wingnuts in his part - likely as not because they are his base of support.

GW said...

I think it has more to do with the growing authoritarian lean of the party under Stephen "you'll do it because I say so, that's why" Harper.

NIles said...

No no no. PM Stephen is just being loyal...to those loyal to him. He's simply found a way to ensure the silly public doesn't vote his Chosen Few off the island. I mean really, democracy is for tv. And other provinces.

This is opined as someone whose own Con MP pretty much proved the Cons could run a philodendron and it would take this Alberta riding. So long as no one said it was a 'potted' philodendron. Speaks to character that does.

Brandon said...

Yes, the Tory party would likely be better off without Rob Anders, and I don't like this any more than you do.

If you read other parts of my blog, you'd realize that I support adopting a US style primary system for nominations, but regardless, none of this changes the substance of what I said. If the words of any individual Conservative is used to label the entire party, the Liberals ought not be surprised when the same happens to them in return.

Especially while Bill Graham sees it fit to sit on his hands and do nothing about it.

Brad said...

Its absolutly retarted how this is being played out as a conspiricy by Sephen Harper. First off, the Conservatives have said since the Spring that there would be nominations in the fall. Right there, anyone who knew they were going to run, either against an incumbant or not, knew to start there campaign then. It was always obvious Anders was going to seek nomination again. And the one thing about Anders is that a long campaign wont necessarily hurt him. He is without a doubt the hardest campaigner you could find, and he will go out and sell every membership possible in the amount of time given. This has been shown in the past where Anders has defeated his opponents in long campaigns.
However, dont count Walter out, He has a lot of support, and has loads of expierience and integrity, and his campaign isnt going bad.
Also, it wasnt Harper who pushed the nomination up, it was the head office, and I am sure Harper wasnt in charge of this one. Him and Walter go back I believe. As well I did recieve some PMO email which mentioned Walters credentials, and I have not recieved an email that did this for any other challenger.