Tuesday, August 29, 2006

That's it -- no more Mr. Nice Guy.

There comes a point where even the pretense of acting civilly to some of the more vile forms of life in the wankersphere just isn't worth the trouble anymore.

Back here, I took a whack at Canadian wingnut Dianne Wood for bitching and moaning about her taxes going to fund the Status of Women Canada (SWC) even while, as a Catholic living in Ontario, she was getting taxpayers to help foot the bill for her religion and Catholic school system.

Tragically, while I linked to one of her web sites, I failed to link to the other one which demonstrates what kind of repulsive jackass Ms. Wood really is.

In particular, one should really read this recent piece, which opens as offensively as possible with the title "The old SOW has got to go." Apparently, this is what passes for wit in the Canadian wankersphere -- insisting on using "SOW" instead of the more proper "SWC" to refer to the group in question.

And this isn't an unintentional oversight on Ms. Wood's part. Further down, she makes it clear that she's rather enjoying herself when she writes:

Status of Women Canada (SWC is their way of calling it, I guess they don't like being called a female cow) ...

That's right, Ms. Wood -- maybe they don't care for that acronym, which is why they didn't pick it in the first place. But if it's now fair game to make up demeaning references to other entities, hey, I can play that game, too.

You're a stupid cunt, Ms. Wood.

Oh, I'll bet even some of my regular fans are not going to be happy with that but there comes a point when civility is a total waste of time, as with ignorant cunts like Ms. Wood. If Wood thinks productive discourse involves making intentional comparisons between feminists and "female cows," then she really has no moral standing to get upset when I decide that she's a closed-minded, worthless cunt, does she?

So that's how this game is going to be played. It's no longer simply "Dianne Wood." Nope, from now on, it's going to be "stupid cunt Dianne Wood." But I will make one concession. At least I won't compare her to livestock.

Even I have my limits.


SJ said...

Do you think Ms. Wood has ever been to a farm? (Has the Cynic?) Last time I stepped in a pile of pig sh*t (not too long ago) a sow was a female of the porcine kind not of the bovine variety.

CC said...

Having grown up in the country, I am well aware of the distinction. In fact, I am also well aware that the phrase "female cow" is redundant, "cow" typically being, by definition, a female.

I was just working with what was offered, as stupidly illiterate as it was.

jj said...

**(thunderous applause)**

Thanks for the laugh, I needed that. (I'm still smiling.) :):):):D

Anonymous said...

It's all a sick sick totally hidden away urge they have to liken other women to animals they want to eat.
They get this disease from some of the boars and bulls who like them best...
Ewww, i feel barfy.

Anonymous said...

BTW all cows happen to be female, so I am going to bet that Dianne of the "female cow" quote hasn't been closer to animals ('cept her own breed) than at the grocery store.

Take your beef to Parliament, REAL. If you can find one...

Canucklehead said...

CC? Found out something nifty.
The main use of the word "sow" is actually for a female pig, but it can be used for other animals, too.

Anonymous said...

Actually, lots of Brits use that word interchangeably amongst their blokes and babes. Its meaning is rather blunted in this use, meaning more like "you blithering stupid arsehole" than referring specifically to a vulgar and very rude term for part of the female anatomy.
In the case of Ms. Wood both terms may apply.

Since I just watched Corrie, I'm willing to wager that Ms. Wood is about 25 Stone and she mistook SOW for Cow quite by accident ')