Monday, August 28, 2006

Hi, Polly. Long time, no bitch.

Ooooooh ... now there's a blast from the past. Over in the comments section of the PB piece on the recent freeping of their online poll on SWC, we have commenter Polly Jones taking it to the general population of progressive dudes, to wit:

And, to be frank, I have seen that the many of the male "progressive" bloggers have very little appreciation for women's views - we are eqaul so long as we are in line with liberal mandates. No thanks.

Polly has a good point. Let's ignore my numerous posts on topics like abortion, contraception, "pro-life" pharmacists and the like with which I'm sure my regular readers are familiar. See, I don't get any credit for stuff like that from Ms. Jones 'cuz, well, I use bad words.

Which is neither nor there but it does suggest that, the next time Ms. Jones wants to whine and moan about the lack of progressive male bloggers who take an interest in womens' rights, she might not want to thoroughly piss off the alleged few of us who do. I'm just sayin', ya know.

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