Wednesday, August 09, 2006

Damian Penny: When breathtakingly stupid just isn't stupid enough.

[Adam Daifallah update below.]

I swear, every time I think I've reached the bottom of the intellectual barrel over at the Blogging Tories, someone comes along and lifts up the barrel. Witness the latest spectacular idiocy from Damian Penny. Let's start slowly, shall we, so as not to startle the children:

Victory for the Nutroots

Why, sure, and there's no better way to give credit to all of those involved in the democratic process than to insult them collectively. Any more insults on tap, Damian? Ah, here we go:

Kongratulations, Kossacks.

But of course, since Markos and his dark minions personally infiltrated the political process in Connecticut and brainwashed almost 150,000 citizens to vote for Ned Lamont. My word, but that Kos fellow is a tricky, tricky bastard. (Activists working on behalf of Joe Lieberman were, naturally, taking a stand based purely on principle. But you knew that, right?)

But here's the most glorious part of Damian's unspeakable dumbfuckitude:

What was a guaranteed safe seat for the Democrats is now wide open.

Why, yes, Damian -- if all those progressive activists had left things well enough alone, it would have been a cakewalk for Lieberman this November. And what does one glean from this? Quite simply, that for a lot of these people, simply being a Democrat wasn't enough anymore.

What it shows is that there were a lot of folks who were fed up with Lieberman sucking up to the GOP every chance he had, and these people were willing to put it on the line to replace him with someone with principle. If all these people cared about was electing a Democrat, then they would have kept their hands off and Holy Joe would have waltzed to victory, crushing whatever sacrificial lamb the GOP offered up come election time.

But just having a Dem going to the Senate wasn't enough for these people, was it? Which is why they took the chance, and put in all that work, and blogged, and organized, and walked door-to-door, and donated their time and money. Because they actually had some fucking principle, Damian -- something you wouldn't recognize if it walked up to you and kneed you in the groin.

146,041 people in Connecticut decided they'd had enough of Holy Joe Lieberman's duplicitous back-stabbing and took it upon themselves to replace him with someone who they supported more. And, in Damian Penny's eyes, well, that's just 146,041 "nutroots" and "Kossacks."

I'm not sure I'll find anything stupider on the BT site today but, just to play it safe, I'll check in over at Adam Daifallah's place later. You just never know.

ASK, AND YE SHALL RECEIVE. Oh, geez ... all you have to do is wish for some Adam-inspired stupidity and it appears, as Adam writes:

Lieberman lost.

Good beginning, Adam. Always start with a known fact so you can't possibly be 100% wrong.

The George McGovern wing of the Democratic Party has flexed its muscle, ...

Jesus Christ ... how fucking stupid do you have to be to describe almost 150,000 Connecticut voters as "the George McGovern wing of the Democratic Party?" Is there anything these idiots won't hyper-generalize into ten words or less? But that's just the warmup for this bit of lunacy:

... giving the Republicans a nice little political gift for the November elections.

Did they, Adam? Did they really? Because, the way I read it, the GOP are shitting their pants in pure terror since it's now become painfully obvious that George Bush is politically radioactive, and anything that he touches turns to absolute crap, and Holy Joe Lieberman is living proof of that. But, hey, don't take my word for it -- why not read someone who actually has a fucking clue?

You keep hanging out in that echo chamber of yours, Adam. Because anyone who imagines that this latest development is good news for the GOP deserves to be bitch-slapped by reality when it comes calling.


steve said...

What's the problem? A Republican got beat by a Democrat. That's democracy.

November will be interesting. The Democrats will want to offer a difference and the Rethugs will want to distance themselves from Bush to win.

Mike said...

Damian, like Lieberman, seems to have missed that latest poll that shows 60% of Americans are against the war in Iraq. That could explain why he is surprised at this...or not.

Ti-Guy said...

All it shows is that they really have no respect for democracy. I can certainly be dismayed at all the hype involved in this campaign, but bottom line, that's the system they have.

This really does put the lie to the noble purpose of "spreading democracy" in Iraq when those who supported that have so little regard for it in their own backyard.

Damian really is a fool, as well. It's like there's no dividing line between the politics he's pushing and those of the Republicans. Harper may well claim he's not a Bush-clone, but his supporters telegraph a completely different message.

steve said...

Lieberman and the BT wanks remind me of Brecht:

"Would it not be easier ... To dissolve the people and elect another?"

The Seer said...

Re:"Harper may well claim he's not a Bush-clone, but his supporters telegraph a completely different message[:]"

I know you guys have strong feelings about Stephen, but he can complete a sentence. Besides, herding Canadians is like herding cats.

Ti-Guy said...

Besides, herding Canadians is like herding cats.

I know Canadians know that, but does Harper? Let's hope so.

Tim said...

Incredibly, CC, Daifallah's take on the Lieberman thing might be even stupider. Remember, when it comes to the Blogging Bedwetters, there is no bottom, only newer and more depressing lows.

Mike said...

McGovern? Jesus, he 's been a nobody for what 30 years? Daifallah wasn't even born when he was running the Democracts.

What a knob.

Ti-Guy said...

I was hoping that Daffy Dumbdaifallah would go for an allusion to The Weathermen or the The New Left, or...dare we dream...Stalin! McGovern? Meh. That strikes as much fear in our hearts as...*gasp*...Tommy Douglas.

Simon said...

You people are all missing the boat on this Adam Daifallah character. I'm convinced he's a comic genius a la Stephen Colbert.

The suit! The flashy website! The absurd adherence to right-wing talking points in the face of overwhelming counter-evidence!

Canucklehead said...

It would be nice that most of the Rapture Right boobheads would turn out to be faking it a la Colbert.
But unfortunately, you need to confront the truth: people actually believe these things, in front of overwhelming counter-evidence.

Every day, I am painfully reminded of the infinite stupidity of manking.
Especially the right.

Simon said...

Hey Canucklehead, I'm trying to build my own little reality bubble here. Please don't burst it!

Scott Tribe said...


I went over to Daifallah's link and left a rebuttal to some of his points... all I got back for a reply from him was to "read up on the 1972 Election" and then got pointed to some points Bill Bennett made, as if that was supposed to legitamize his theory.

I told him that I dont put much stock in what Bennett, Frum, Kristol or anyone else who works at the Weekly Standard or National Review has to say.