Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Bitch slap deluxe.

Don't like my attitude? Dial 1-800-BITE-ME.

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Bob said...

Speaking of which, I just got banned at SDA for a fairly innocuous comment invoking Godwin's law:

The blogsphere has jumped the shark; Everyone has gone mental. I predict the very last blogsphere post in history will go something like this:

Original Poster: "Bush rules!"

Alternative View: "Actually the data indicates that, in terms of peace and prosperity, Bush is quite suboptimal in comparison to his predecessors"

OP: "Ack! Stop assaulting me with your hate speech and racism!"

AV: "Ack! Quit libelling me and threatening my children or I'll call Interpol!"

OP: "Racist!"

AV: "Anti-Semite!"

Both: "Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!"