Wednesday, July 05, 2006

The hypocrasy of the rite.

Publishing, with permission, the publicly-available addresses of members of the Bush administration as part of a travel section in the New York Times? Holy fucking shit!

Publishing the contact information of citizens for the purpose of humiliating them and driving them out of town? Eh ... whatever.

BONUS TRACK: The Green Knight gets in his $0.02.


thwap said...

Terrible story.

Ti-Guy said...

Public shaming, harrassment...what century are they living in? What kind of Christians are they?

I hope the family bankrupts the school district.

Scott from Winnipeg said...

Amazing country, it is.

Scott from Winnipeg said...

I'm compelled to add, "Friends of Israel" clearly doesn't equate to "Friends of Jews".

They just need Israel to fulfill the apocalyptic prophecy... something about four horsemen.

P.S. I've got dibs on all their shit after the rapture.

P.P.S They've found Noah's Ark.

Ti-Guy said...

I've got dibs on all their shit after the rapture.

Be careful what you wish for; from my experience, the Rapture folk have very poor taste.

Dave T. said...

What they found was not Noah's Ark. It's a 500 year-old shrine and a bunch of rock that they claim looks like petrified wood. Real geologists, on the other hand, think it's just rock.

Wayne said...

Great post.

Michelle Malkin was wrong when she published phone numbers of protestors a few months back. The NY Times is wrong to publish the information it did.

The press should be more responsible.

What poor quality people (Christians!!!).

CC said...

No, Wayne, the New York Times was not wrong to publish what it did, since what it published was a travel piece that was done with the explicit permission of the people involved, including Donald Rumsfeld. So please stop pushing that nonsensical talking point.

CC said...

P.S. Unlike all of the far-right bloggers who went ballistic over this absolute bullshit vacation home story, people like Hunter over at Daily Kos actually took the time to figure out what was going on.

That's why we're called the "reality-based" community, Wayne. Try to keep that in mind.

P.P.S. You know, Wayne, it's getting really tiring having to educate you every time you show up and type something stupid.

Do you think you could do some of your own legwork from now on?

Wayne said...

I learn something new everyday. I wish you would let me learn, instead of always beating me up.

What is the purpose of information if not to learn from it.

I will now add Daily-Kos to my reading list.

All I want is facts, I am sick of BS, left or right.

Keep steering me to facts.

Thanks CC.

Ti-Guy said...

That's very honest, Wayne. Some of us (like CC, I'm sure) have been so used to butting our heads against rightwing propaganda the last few years that the reaction to anything that looks like it has become reflexive.

steve said...

"Over in Wankonia, the latest reason why the entire staff of the NY Times should be put to death is: they asked Donald Rumsfeld if they could take a picture of his house. And then, after he said "yes", they took a picture of his house. And ... that's pretty much all there is to it. Pretty much, yeah."