Thursday, June 29, 2006

The focused selectivity of outrage.

OK, then (emphasis added):

TVO confirmed today it is cancelling Studio 2 and developing a new nightly current affairs program called The Agenda to take its place, to be hosted by Studio 2 co-host Steve Paikin.

The new program will have a one-or-two-issue format each night that the network said will deliver "more voices and viewpoints reflecting the diversity of today's Ontario."

But opposition critics like Conservative Leader John Tory and New Democrat culture critic Peter Tabuns smelled something more nefarious at work, citing Studio 2 as a persistent thorn in the side of the Ontario Liberals.

"I'm sure the government felt discomfort from time to time, perhaps as often as every night, with the outspoken commentary and the panel discussions," Tory said.

And if there's one thing about the conservatives you can count on, it's defending taxpayer-funded Canadian broadcasting from political pressure.

If I have to explain the irony to you, I might as well just kill you now.

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