Monday, May 15, 2006

Blogging Tories Short Takes: May 15, 2006.

Shorter Blue Blogging Soapbox: "Hey, have you heard this one? It's a real knee-slapper. Oh, man, sometimes, I just crack me up."

Shorter Spirit of Man: "The CBC is clearly biased. Why, only two years ago ... "

Shorter The Monarchist: "And by 'eloquence," I mean overwhelming ignorance of high school biology. But you knew that, right?"

Shorter Steve Janke: "We're allowed to use the word 'lie.' You aren't."


Lexington said...

It has been said that Marx, Darwin, and Freud were the three great destroyers of 19th century certainty.

Apparenly people like Gerald Warner pine for a return of those simpler, uncomplicated times.

Grog said...

That rant of Warner's is possibly the most ignorant, ill-informed piece of tripe that I've read in years.

The intellectual contributions of those people are not suddenly rendered irrelevant because the times have changed, or human knowledge has grown.

Freud was among the first to not only attempt to systematically address people's mental state, he also pioneered the modern discipline of psychotherapy.

Marx, even if you disagree with him philosophically influenced the political landscape of the 20th century enormously, and echos of his work remain influential within politics around the world.

As for Darwin, his contributions to the world stand on their own - having formed a foundation for an entire study for over a century.

To complain that these men "have remained prominent beyond their usefulness" speaks of an arrogance that could only be borne of ignorance.