Monday, March 20, 2006

If it's Monday, I must have to give another speech.

And if things in Iraq are going to hell in a handbasket, it must be time for another White House media dog-and-pony show. See if you can spot the underlying theme here:

The President is giving a series of speeches this month to update the American people about our strategy for victory in Iraq. In those speeches he's talking about the progress we're making, the lessons we have learned from experience and how we're fixing what was not working. The speeches give the President an opportunity to talk about developments in Iraq in the broader context, and speak in greater detail about events on the ground. As Commander-in-Chief he believes it's important to keep the American people updated on our strategy and the progress we're making and the challenges that we continue to face.

This last Monday the President talked about the security element, about how we're training Iraqi security forces and they are more and more taking the lead in the fight and controlling more territory. And he also talked about how we're working to defeat the threat from improvised explosive devices.

On Monday, the President looks forward to traveling to Cleveland. The President in his remarks will talk about how we are working with all aspects of Iraqi society to defeat the terrorists and restore calm and order throughout Iraq and helping to rebuild homes and communities and achieving the stability that can only come from freedom. The President will highlight concrete ways and examples of real progress that is being made and how our strategy is succeeding.

This remains a difficult and tense period in Iraq. Oftentimes the progress that is being made doesn't get as much attention as the dramatic and horrific images of violence that people see on their TV screens. And the President believes it's important to continue to put things in the broader context. So he looks forward to talking about how the three elements of our strategy -- the political, economic and security -- are all integrated and how we are -- how those elements reinforce one another. So he'll talk in more detail and give some examples of that in his remarks on Monday in Cleveland. And you'll also hear more -- a little bit more about it in his radio address tomorrow.

I'm sure the total lack of any actual listening on the part of Chimpy McFlightSuit was simply an oversight.

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