Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Blogging Tories Short Takes: March 22, 2006.

Shorter Sham the Tory Man: "At any cost, we have to prevent the bomb from falling into the hands of war-mongering, religious extremists. That would be bad."

Shorter Kate McMillan: "Speaking from the perspective of a devout Christian, it should be obvious that the biggest problem with all those ragheads is their unshakeable belief that their deity will solve all of their problems."

Shorter Aaron Lee Wudrick: "Have you ever looked -- I mean, really looked at your hand?"


Grog said...

Actually, McMillan seems to be arguing that "liberals" are allied with dictators and fundamentalist Islam because we don't want to go running off invading every country in sight.

Typical neo-Rethuglican thinking. (Of course, I don't need to point out that Iran's current president was elected, do I?)

Simon said...

Exactly, grog.

Considering that throughout their history the U.S. has traditionally been far more supportive of dictators than antagonistic towards dictators, especially Repugnican governments, it's tragicomic when they play the "anti-democracy" card when they decide to play "Invade & Conquer".

Right Whingers truly believe that democracy is to be "promoted", as long as the new democratic state is utterly subservient to the U.S..