Monday, January 02, 2006

Misogyny 2.0. Try to keep up.

Apparently, you can't keep track of the neo-con, right wing nutjobs without a program anymore. From this piece by TBogg, this:

is no longer "Crazy-Ass Bitch," simply because this:

is now "Crazy-Ass Bitch," which means that the former "Crazy-Ass Bitch" has now graduated to "Crazy-Ass Racist Bitch." It's all just semantics, no big deal.

We're still open to suggestions for this one:

I'm thinking the photo URL itself is a good place to start.

OH, DEAR: Apparently, Kate is not a big fan of publicity. Funny how the most vicious bigots have such thin skins.

ISN'T LIFE FUNNY? Apparently, Ms. Jones is still not happy with my pet labels (not really mine, I got them elsewhere but that's neither here nor there) for vile human beings like Michelle Malkin and Jean Schmidt, and my continuing to use them makes me, um, sexist or misogynistic or a jerk or something.

That's pretty entertaining since, if I go back through the last several months of PB postings, I seem to be the only member of PB who regularly addresses the issue of pharmacists and conscience clauses and how that really screws over women who want fast and convenient access to things like birth control and emergency contraception. And me being a guy and all that. Funny, isn't it?

Now if Ms. Jones wants to pick up the slack and start examining that issue, I'd be happy to hand it off to her since it just makes more sense for a woman to be all over that topic, no? But as long as she continues to use her valuable time to carp and whine about me instead, I guess I'll have to keep on keepin' on, trying to bring attention to that aspect of womens' rights.

Talk about irony, no?


Paulineee said...

How about, "deceptively harmless-looking wannabe redneck bitch"?

CC said...

Too wordy. Doesn't have a beat you can dance to.

Polly Jones said...

It's amazing that the irony is lost on you...

Polly Jones said...

Also, CC, I want to ask, does your title, "Misogyny 2.0", mean that you are now further formalizing your misogyny? You have actually gone beyone "tradmearking" sexist slurs?

To the women who defend CC on here, take another look at Malkin. See any similarities?

The freakish drive for acceptance is the real bitch.

RP. said...

Like Polly, I'm a bit confused. Are you admitting that using a woman-specific slur to describe someone you don't like is sexist?

CC said...

polly jones writes:

Also, CC, I want to ask, does your title, "Misogyny 2.0", mean that you are now further formalizing your misogyny?

Naturally. Having learned the basics of software release from years in the industry, there will be major releases such as 3.0, 4.0 and so on.

These will, of course, be augmented by minor releases such as 2.1, which would represent only trivial improvements, such as correcting spelling mistakes.

And, of course, there will be beta-level release candidates for testing. We here at CC HQ take our misogyny versioning and quality testing seriously. This isn't Microsoft, you know.

Polly Jones said...


I have tried to have a discussion with you about this topic...repeatedly. Are you not open to discussion? Do you refuse to examine your use of language?

Luna said...

Hey Polly, I've seen him examine it and decide to keep it. Disagreeing with you (like I do) doesn't mean one hasn't examined the problem.

And no, I see no similarities. There are a few women who deserve the title. And a few men too. I use it for both. Like for the little bitch in the big truck who took the last handicapped spot at the mall today. Right in front of me and my placard, when he didn't have one. Yeah. He's a bitch.

Polly Jones said...


Perhaps, you have examined the problem, but have used poor logic in doing so.

There is a difference between a black person calling a white person a "nigger", and a white person calling a black person a "nigger". Context is everything. Also, there is an entire history of calling women in particular "crazy" to debase them. If you would like me to bring out the references I will.

Finally, just because you like to use the word "bitch" in your car, doesn't mean that calling people this is appropriate when attacking their political positions.

Kirby said...

I suppose we could call them sociopathic ignoramuses. But crazy-ass bitch just sounds a lot more appropriate.

pretty shaved ape said...

while i am noted from far and near for my delicate and winsome prose, i must protest. while gender has nothing to do with the cause of mania. each maniac will have gender. will falling back on bitch or whore (you know whores, like that famous american journalist, jeff gannon) is the cheap and easy route, i do not see an alternative. also, if we are to go gender blind in heaping our merry aspersions on those, oh so, deserving, we have a lot of social editing to do. out go terms like asshole, almost always associated with men. dick, prick and for moments when special emphasis is called for, cocksucker. fare thee well, motherfucker. so long fuckface and fuckhead, dickhead and dickface.
the list goes on.

gendered pejoratives litter our colourful language. feminist issues of language need to be inclusive, if you solve half the problem, is it really solvedÉ

hmm, my punctuation went all funny.

people will always say or write rude things about others. if we make them be polite, they wonèt be rude anymore. well done rude is a marvelous thing.

Polly Jones said...


I regularly post on women's issues. Also, I did not say that you are a sexist. I said that your comments are sexist.

Don't expect a medal, because you cover women's issues.

Also, don't try to belittle me because I call you out on your language.

Get off the defensiveness train.

RP. said...

Hey CC, I dare you to call MM a "crazy assed nigger" or a "crazy assed chink," if you think it's all the same.