Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Oh, THIS is a promising development.

I'm sure this isn't what the Bush junta had in mind in terms of "democracy" in Iraq:

Kurdish leaders have inserted more than 10,000 of their militia members into Iraqi army divisions in northern Iraq to lay the groundwork to swarm south, seize the oil-rich city of Kirkuk and possibly half of Mosul, Iraq's third-largest city, and secure the borders of an independent Kurdistan...

The soldiers said that while they wore Iraqi army uniforms they still considered themselves members of the Peshmerga - the Kurdish militia - and were awaiting orders from Kurdish leaders to break ranks. Many said they wouldn't hesitate to kill their Iraqi army comrades, especially Arabs, if a fight for an independent Kurdistan erupted.

"It doesn't matter if we have to fight the Arabs in our own battalion," said Gabriel Mohammed, a Kurdish soldier in the Iraqi army who was escorting a Knight Ridder reporter through Kirkuk. "Kirkuk will be ours."

I can't wait to see how this is spun as "progress." I'm betting Turkey is not happy about this.

THOSE SNEAKY, SNEAKY KURDS: Given the above, it's not at all surprising to learn that the Kurds have a vested interest in keeping the hostilities going. Yes, this is all going just swimmingly, isn't it?

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