Sunday, December 25, 2005

Methinks someone is protesting too much.

Regarding the recent CCD/Omar Alghabra dust-up, we have the Canadian Coalition for Democracies eating some serious crow here, but still wanting to play that victim card just a little while longer (emphasis added):

... The Liberal press release chose to disclose the name, private mobile telephone number and email address of Georganne Burke, describing her as "the Conservative Party's regional organizer in Toronto". Ms Burke had never herself publicly disclosed her mobile number, although Stephen Heckbert claimed that a third party had done so. Such an irrelevant disclosure clearly violated the privacy of Ms Burke as well as possibly endangering her safety. To falsely associate a woman with an "ethnic smear campaign" directed against the Muslim community and to send such a potentially libellous statement to the media is extremely threatening to the individual involved.

Ah, yes, threatening. Perhaps as threatening as, in this day and age of anti-Muslim sentiment, painting a moderate Muslim candidate as a fundamentalist extremist, then sitting back and waiting for the potentially violent backlash?

Nah. Maybe not that threatening.


WarBicycle said...
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WarBicycle said...

Omar Alghabra is well known as a secular Muslim, this right-wing hate organization went out of its way to destroy his chance of being elected. This isn’t the first time they have done this, Irfan-Canada has launched a lawsuit against the CCD for accusing it of having links to Hamas.

Anonymous said...

"those who alerted CCD to such statements were all of Middle Eastern origin and could hardly be accused of perpetrating an "ethnic smear""

I guess according to the CCD's logic, when the president of Iran goes off on the Jews it isn't an "ethnic smear" either. They are all of Middle Eastern origin, after all...