Monday, November 14, 2005

Tearing Michelle Malkin and her book a new orifice.

Following a recommendation from the incomparable athenae over at first draft, we have Parts One and Two of an oh-so-justified beatdown of Crazy-Assed Bitch™'s new book.


AN EXAMPLE, IF I MAY: If you follow the links, there's an entertaining example of how dishonestly Malkin has to distort criticism to invent liberal hate.

Malkin refers to this insult as clear proof of left-wing uncivility and racism:

This is what happens when you send a yellow woman to do a white man's job.

Ouch. That's pretty nasty and tasteless. Until you follow the links to read the entire comment in context:

Why can't we find competent race-traitors anymore? Issuing a retraction based on legal threats? Disgusting. This was her moment to shine - a real public forum to level a set of smears against Japanese-"Americans" that would have assured they NEVER tried to drive across the heartland of America again. Instead she knuckles under like Tojo in Tokyo Bay.

This is what happens when you send a yellow woman to do a white man's job.

I trust everyone (except for the usual, right-wing, dimbulb suspects) can appreciate the obvious sarcasm in the above.


v said...

Your racist and misogynist hate for malkin is quite palpable, old chap!

CC said...

I see. I despise the ethnically Asian Malkin, therefore I am racist and misogynistic.

I think football player Terrell Owens is a total dick, therefore I guess I hate all black people.

I don't much care for blowhards like Rush Limbaugh or Bill O'Reilly, ergo I must despite all white males.

I think Ann Coulter and Rachel Marsden are pathetic, hateful examples of human beings, thusly I must think similarly of all white chicks.

Are you really this fucking stupid? Seriously. Enquiring minds want to know.

CC said...

P.S. Anonalogue, old chap. Can you fill us in on your ethnic background? Since I think you're a total jackass, we can at least over-generalize to yet another entire demographic that I allegedly despise.

stellababy said...

I just sat and read those links.... wow. Malkin has devoted an entire book to nasty comments she's received? the miniscule respect I had for her as a woman with the balls to write controversially is gone. schoolyard crap.
anon-- I agree with CC. go away.

v said...

"Can you fill us in on your ethnic background?"

Sure, I'm actually an Eritrean woman, blind, in a wheelchair, with The AIDS and a severe learning disability, you misogynist racist ableist intellectist homophobe. Please stop making fun of my intelligence handicap; I and the rest of the victims of your intellectist hate are hurt very much by your angry words. *sob*

CC said...

Anon wrote:

"Please stop making fun of my intelligence handicap..."

Too late.