Thursday, November 17, 2005

Rock the vote, baby!

How ever did I miss this? Oh, it's because I rarely read that birdcage liner that is the National Post. But you -- yes, you, humble citizen -- have the power to vote for Canada's "most esteemed public intellectual."

So many choices. Do I go with the objective brilliance of Barbara Amiel? Her husband, financial wizard and media tycoon Conrad Black? The political genius of Charles Krauthammer? Or, perhaps, the dispassionate, intellectual headiness that is Don Cherry?

Or, on second thought, do I really give a crap what the National Post thinks? Probably not.

AFTERTHOUGHT: How about a big write-in vote for Kate McMillan over at SDA? Wouldn't that make a mess of their precious poll? Oh, man, it is so tempting ...

1 comment:

wonderdog said...

Jaysus, the sight of Don Cherry's name on a list of "public intellectuals?"

I don't know where to begin on that one. I think it pretty much snarks itself.