Saturday, November 19, 2005

Pajama Wankers ... uh, "Open Source Media" screw the pooch.

Well, with the collective brainpower behind this new wanker-based venture, you could pretty much have guessed that they would fuck things up right out of the starting gate. And did they ever.

It seems that their new choice for a name, "Open Source Media," already has a bit of a history. That is, it's already incorporated by someone else. Apparently, the geniuses over at Pajama Wankers never bothered to check that.

Follow the ongoing (and increasingly-legalistic) saga, in several parts:

It's more than a little amusing that a group of wanks who are planning to revolutionize news dissemination and propaganda distribution -- and who collected $3.5 million in venture capital to do just that -- weren't bright enough to not step on someone's else trademark.

If I was one of those venture capitalists, I'd be asking some pretty unhappy questions right about now.

FUNNIER AND FUNNIER: I really don't know what to make of the chaos over at Pajama Wankers. At their home page here, in the top box "At this moment...", there is sentence that begins "According to OSM News..."

If you follow the link under "OSM News", you get to ...TA DA! a "Pajamas Media" web page which still describes itself as part of the OSM family. Huh?

The best part though is that, at the end of that article talking about terrorists bombing a Jordanian wedding, you see the faint copyright line, "Copyright 2005 The Canadian Press. All rights reserved." So "OSM News" consists of ... ripping off other news organizations verbatim for their web site content.

Go on. Tell me you didn't see this coming.

BONUS SNARK: Pajama Wankers try (unsuccessfully) to explain the whole name thing here, where they attempt to direct readers to Lydon's "Open Source" site, and they can't even get that right, referring to Lydon's site with both a ".org" and a ".com" top-level domain suffix (the ".org" being the correct one).

And these morons plan on revolutionizing news distribution? They don't even understand URLs. Even worse, they seem unable to use a simple Internet query to determine the legal status of a given domain name, writing:

There are other Open Sources. A gentleman named Christopher Lydon has an excellent web site called Open Source. His URL is, and he relinquished the domain name

Um ... he did no such thing, as a simple InterNIC query would have shown.

Wankers. Total wankers. And you're going to trust these idiots to bring you the news?

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