Sunday, November 13, 2005

Oh, Electronic Frontier Canada, where art thou?

If you've been trying to keep with the Sony BMG music CD "rootkit" controversy, the U.S.-based Electronic Frontier Foundation (of which I used to be a member when I lived in the U.S.) has been doing a good job of covering that as well as a number of other cases related to the areas where technology and civil rights appear to intersect.

Canada does, in fact, have something similar to the EFF -- Electronic Frontier Canada -- but it seems to be a somewhat stagnant site, with the main page "Current Issues" no more recent than March of 2004, and I'm pretty sure some exciting stuff has happened since then.

Amusingly, the vice-president and treasurer is listed as one Jeff Shallit, Waterloo's own anti-creationist attack professor. So, Jeff, what's up with the EFC? This would seem to be exactly the kind of cause civil rights-minded progressives would want to get behind, but is anything happening there?

Fill us in, dude. The EFF does a heck of a job south of the border. I don't see any reason why Canada needs to take a back seat.


CC said...

Sorry, but I deleted a comment here as it had nothing to do with this thread. I want to keep this comments section focused on the EFC.

Anonymous said...

I'm looking for people who want to take over EFC from me and David Jones, as we have no time currently to pursue it.