Tuesday, November 22, 2005

James Wolcott takes a quick whack at Canadian wankery.

And in slapping around the new Open Source Media venture in ways only James Wolcott can, Wolcott pokes fun at OSM's blogroll and spares a second or two to smack Canada's own Angry in the Great White North:

One wingnut blowhard who goes by the handle Confederate Yankee put up a post about Iraq, Democrats, and the diabolical genius. No doubt I'm too sensitive (I'm wired that way), but there's something a bit iffy tastewise about a blogger calling himself Confederate Yankee running a picture of a hangman's noose above the tagline... "Remember: it isn't the fall, but the sudden stop at the end." I think that if my handle were Confederate Yankee, I might steer clear of allusions to lynching, but perhaps this is the sort of edgy blogging they're looking for at OSM, which touts another blog on its honor roll for "Taking sloppy liberal thinking and tearing it a new one--but always with a touch of class."

You have to admit, Angry's tagline is the funniest thing since Pete Rempel's "Ambassador of Conservative Maturity." That would be "funny" in a "creep you out totally" kind of funny. But you knew that.

P.S. $3.5 million in venture capital and this is what you get for it. I'd be happy to be that pathetically incompetent for half the price.

P.P.S.: If you click through from Wolcott to TBogg and further to OSM's "blogjam," you get a glimpse of the sheer, jaw-dropping ignorance of those who would feed you the news.

The question is whether Karl Rove should be indicted. One of the panelists is one La Shawn Barber who establishes herself instantly as one of the stupidest human beings on the planet when she writes:

Marc, can you give me a 100-word recap on Plame. It's a spy thing, right? Somebody blew somebody's cover, or something?

Um ... yes, La Shawn, it's some kind of "spy thing." Or something. Jesus fucking Christ.


PR said...

"You have to admit, Angry's tagline is the funniest thing since Pete Rempel's "Ambassador of Conservative Maturity.""

I see you have no sense of irony. What a suprise.

The equivalent for you would be "The Ambassador of Civility" or "Intelligent Commentator" or something. Get it?

So when are you going to get off this attacking-other-bloggers kick? It's boring.

CC said...

Sure, Pete. Why don't I take your advice on what I should blog about? Hey, I know -- maybe I should blog about how I have no life. I'll bet my readers would love to read about that.

I imagine that sort of stuff is really putting bums in seats over at Rempelia Prime, isn't it?

PR said...

I think it is. Probably in the same way that blogging about your dead cat here did.

Ooooooh, burn!