Friday, November 18, 2005

It's write-in vote time: David Suzuki. GO! NOW!!

As a follow-up to the previous post, it occurs to me that, what with the deadline for voting for "Canada's Most Esteemed Public Intellectual" being noon tomorrow (Friday), there simply isn't time to have a protracted discussion as to who the progressive blogosphere should collectively vote for, so I'm just going to make that decision for you.

Dr. David Suzuki.

Yes, we could have a debate as to whether there is a more worthy recipient from the progressive point of view but we just don't have the time, and it galls me to think that someone like Charles Krauthammer or Barbara Amiel or Conrad Black or Mark Steyn or Don Cherry might win when Suzuki isn't even on the list of nominees. That's just idiocy.

So, between now and noon Friday, get your sorry ass over here and vote for Suzuki. Move it. Time's a wastin'. Tell your friends.

P.S. And if Scott Tribe is feeling generous, he might put a top-priority post up at to make sure everyone's on board.

PAY ATTENTION, FOLKS: I know you all mean well but, just this once, let's listen to Uncle CC, shall we?

Given that it's less than 24 hours until the polls close, there's simply no time to banter about who might be a better choice than Suzuki. I openly admitted that there are others who might be more qualified but, with the time crunch, we don't have the time to argue about it.

In addition, almost everyone has at least heard of Suzuki, and his winning this would definitely give some level of heartburn to the Canadian right-wing blogogphere.

Finally, I see the humour in promoting someone totally unqualified (Mark over at Section 15 is suggesting Barbara Amiel) and, while that certainly has its humour quotient, someone like Amiel winning would just given Canadian wankers something to crow about. The irony would be, like, totally lost on them so you couldn't even make fun of it later -- they wouldn't get the joke.

Besides, if I really wanted to have fun with a write-in vote, I would have suggested Kate McMillan over at SDA. Or, for sheer perversity, Pete Rempel. But I'm going to stick with Suzuki. And you have less than 24 hours to do likewise. And if you have a blog, encourage your readers to do the same.


Mark Francis said...

Sorry. Suzuki doesn't have a chance in a NP poll. I'm voting for Barbara Amiel. If she wins, it'll look great on the NP.

Hippie Craque said...

What's wrong with Klein? She's pretty progressive.

CC said...

While I have nothing against Klein (or some of the other liberals on that list, I'm more amused at the thought of someone who's not even on their list winning.

If Klein won, we'd never really be sure if our votes were the deciding ones. If Suzuki won, it would be a little more obvious.

I'm just being perverse. Humour me on this one, OK?

Deanna said...

What about someone like Lloyd Axeworthy?

Scott Tribe said...

I'd have been generous CC if I'd seen the story earlier... but as it is.. Mark of Section 15 has written about your urgings.. and since its the #1 story at the top of the Prog Blog recommended list currently.. that should suffice ;)

Zorpheous said...

TAG you it CC