Friday, November 18, 2005

Double standard? WHAT double standard?

Well, since Weasel Boy can't take a hint and bugger off, we'll take a second to put his hypocritical inconsistency on display again. Over here, Jinx reproduces, without comment, an entire article about a man who was convicted of driving his van into an abortion center.

And being the "sanctity of life" kind of guy that he is, what was Jinx's take on this? Was he outraged? Was he sickened? Was he appalled and disgusted at this blatant disregard for life and the safety of other human beings? Um, no.

As you can read, Jinx's entire contribution to that piece was the title: "Not helping, pal."

Attaboy, Jinx. Like they always say, don't sweat the small stuff.

EXTRA SNARK AT NO EXTRA CHARGE: Our good friend Jinx over here:

From Wizbang:

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I self-nominated (it's allowed) S&B for Best of the Top 1751 - 2500 Blogs ...

You nominated yourself? Good job, Jinx. So you have at least one fan, then.


Jason said...

Thankfully, the rest of my readership is smart enough to not have the shock and outrage at an inherently wrong act spoonfed to them. I'm sorry (not really) the way I run my blog doesn't match your "standards" (such as they are). Perhaps I should swear more and make up really juvenile nicknames for other bloggers. That would add a lot of substance like it does to your... wait, nevermind.

Of course, where is your outrage at Christians being killed in places like North Korea, hmm? Nah, you couldn't muster enough compassion for Christians to feel anything like that. You feel nothing but contempt and will dismiss any and all stories like that as false. "It's those lying fundy Christians, doncha know!"

Anonymous said...

christians being killed, muslims being killed, buddihists being killed, sihks being killed... all are unacceptable as the creator of this blog has stated repeatedly. are you saying you have a preference?

and i don;t know if all fundies are liars, but your credibility is certainly below average. you imply in your post that christians are the only ones being killed in korea. i suggest you do a little reading before you put another foot in your mouth.

in other words back off asshole. oh.. does the profanity upset you? good, then work on your self control.

v said...

"As you can read, Jinx's entire contribution to that piece was the title: "Not helping, pal."

I would've gone with "That's Vantastic!", myself.

On the subject of abortion:

We need to drop the moral debate on abortion - it's going nowhere - and focus on the sociological perspective.

For example: There are 2,000,000 abortions annually in the USA out of a population of, say, 80 million hittable, child bearing women.

I'll pause for a moment while you froth at my viciously heteronormative language.

If you assume a reproductivity span of 35 years and crunch the numbers you'll get an average of just under one abortion per woman.

Unless you suck at statistics and think "mean regression" is a Tory social policy, you are with me so far. Some points:

-Even if the median is one, the mode may be zero. That is to say, it may be accurate to say "An American woman has, on average, one abortion" and "50%+ of American women will not have an abortion" This necessarily implies a subset of indviduals having multiple abortions.

-Another point: I recently had a rugby playing male aquaintance brag to me that he's been responsible for 5 abortions. And when I say brag, believe me, he was bragging, on a deep biological level. He has a kid who lives with his "baby" "mamma" 1,000 miles away. Not cool.

-In my teens I had a female roommate go through an abortion. Another rugby player was invloved, now that I think about it. Anyhow, she was pretty and popular back then. Many years later her life has turned out not so good. I can't help but think abortion is extremely traumatic and has lasting effects. Anecdotal, yes, but I just mention it for context.

What I'm gettting at is this: when I go to work on Monday morning or go to the club on Friday night, these people are out there. Rugby Boy is completely mental to begin with, but the fact he's aborted 5 pregnancies probably doesn't help matters.

I've worked with some pretty whacked out women too and considering the numbers I've posted above I am entirely justified in speculating there is an abortion -> crazy-bitch-in-workplace correlation and causation.

And in the club? As a single guy (with high, well-defined cheekbones, I might add) I have to wonder how many women my age have had abortions and how relevant that may be in finding a prospective mate.

And then there is the question of declining birthrates. We've got a full-on Brave New World situation in Canada which says "reproduction is yucky and should be outsourced to immigrants". Charles Darwin would look at Canada's birthrate and conclude that we as a people are not surviving because we are not fit.

Even if we all were all to agree that abortion isn't inherently immoral, I argue that the consequences of our abortion society may be so vast as to reconsider free abortion on demand.

Colby Cosh has an exception article discussing abortion that I'd recommend for further reading.

Jeffrey Boser said...

There are 2,000,000 abortions annually in the USA

Stop spreading lies. The most abortions annually were 1.6m in 1990, and since then has fallen every year. The annual abortion rate has been going steadly downward as birth control use has been going steadily upward. Moreover, the amount of abortions has been going DOWN as the population has been going UP.

Sportin' Life said...

I am entirely justified in speculating there is an abortion -> crazy-bitch-in-workplace correlation and causation.

Wow, that just might be the stupidest thing I've ever heard.

v said...

Not nearly as stupid as your anti-Dalai Lama-ism, fuckchop:

"Ickier than the ticket prices was the presence of Nancy Pelosi, the Democratic House Minority Leader, and her hyperbolic introduction:

"What a wonderful honor it is to be in the presence and to breathe the same air as His Holiness the Dalai Lama."

Good grief. As a small-d democrat, I'm afraid I find that sentiment thoroughly repellent."

Yeah, good call buddy. You're just a fountian of wisdom. You're not the first left wing LOSER to think "That's stupid!" is a winning argument; regrettably, you won't be the last, I imagine. So it goes.

Anyone else looking to shame themselves and ancestors by making really shitty arguments?

CC said...

Jinx writes:

Thankfully, the rest of my readership is smart enough ...

Dude, most of your readership consists of people I send over there to see what kind of doofus you are so at least there, we're in agreement.

Of course, where is your outrage at Christians being killed in places like North Korea, hmm?

Uh huh. That from the same guy who, only earlier today, wrote:

I would rather that a million North Koreans be put to death for being Christians and possessing Bibles than for you to die unsaved, CC.

I'm not sure there is even a response to that.