Sunday, November 20, 2005

Don Cherry: Canada's most esteemed public intellectual.

I've yet to confirm it myself (is it just me, or is the National Post's web site possibly the most badly-designed web site in the history of man?) but I have it on good authority that, yes, Don Cherry won the Post's online poll as Canada's "Most Esteemed Public Intellectual."

Frankly, it should have been cause for embarrassment that he was even on the list of nominees. The thought that he actually won leaves me, quite simply, speechless.

What sort of lesson do we draw from this? Seriously. Does this say something about us as a country? Or does it say something more specifically about the readership of the Post? And how did it come to pass that Cherry ended up winning? Do we imagine the average Post reader, scanning slowly down the list of potentials, muttering, "Uhhh ... huh ... yeah ... whoa! At least I recognize that name!"

Can someone supply an online link to coverage of this? I still feel like I have to read it for myself to truly believe it.


flootsnoot said...

Hey, it's the Post!
If it had been a Sun poll, your winner would be some asshole hockey commentator... oh wait... never mind.

Declan said...

Cheer up CC, think about how Conrad Black must feel about this!

The paper he started, his baby, its readers voting for Don Cherry (over Black, among others) as Canada's greatest public intellectual. It is to laugh, and laugh (and then maybe cry a little).

It's true for sure, but I can't find an online link (perhaps they are trying to downplay it!).