Monday, November 14, 2005

Dear ID proponents: Make up your freakin' minds already.

Back here, we have a bit of idiocy from one Anonalogue, who is one of the few Canadian bloggers who can make Pete Rempel look like a finalist for the Giller prize.

After my challenge to smack the living crap out of a local promoter of ID, Anonalogue spews stupidity thusly:

Heh, you are breaking section 319 of the Criminal Code of Canada by encouraging other to gang up, bully, mock and ridicule a fellow Canadian on the basis of his religious beliefs.

Heh, you are a total moron. Nowhere did I suggest attacking anyone for their religious beliefs and, in fact, your argument wouldn't fly for five seconds with people who had functioning brain stems.

Note well that the proponents of ID themselves are absolutely adamant that ID is not a religious position. Consider the words of the Seattle-based Discovery Institute:

4. Is intelligent design based on the Bible?

I'm not sure how much clearer one can get in insisting that ID is in no way tied to fundamentalist Christianity, which makes argumentation like Anonalogue's so incredibly maddening.

"It's not religion," they'll say, trying to make a case for getting ID into the public school system. "No way, it has nothing to do with religion, nothing at all. It's pure science, completely, totally based on science and empirical, scientific evidence and that's all."

And after you kick the shit out of ID scientifically, the inevitable response is, "Hey, no fair, criticizing our religion -- there are laws against that, and we're going to sue you for hate crimes and everything, and you're just a bunch of big meanies."

To which one can properly respond, both to these people and to Anonalogue, fuck off. Go away until you can figure out whether you want ID to be a religious belief or not. Then come back and be prepared to play by your own rules and stop being such annoying hypocrites.


v said...

Tell it to the judge - the CPC appointed judge - 3 years from now, buddy. Just because the Liberal junta gives you and your fellow Anti-Christs a free pass today doesn't mean you won't have to pay the price in the very near future.

I look forward to your political re-education under a proper conservative government. Fuck, we'll make the Cultural Revolution look like a Moxy Fruvous concert.

I'll personally force two-step you to Settler, Alberta where you'll work at the Great Conservative Institute and Museum, forced to clean the "conception stains" from the upholstery of Stock Day's old station wagon (known back in his trim-huntin' days as "The Holy Roller") and compelled to do such conservative things as say "please" and "thank you" and hold open doors for your neighbour.

Anonymous said...

Anonalogue you dumb fuck. Answer his god damn question instead of spewing a bunch of nonsense. Is Intelligent Design religiously motivated or not. If it is religious, then it is not science, so you should not be clamoring that it be taught in biology class. If it is a science, then be prepared to defend it against empirical tests and provide some actual empirical evidence to support your views. Otherwise, sod off.

Grog said...

Now I'm irritated.

Anonalogue - if you're saying what your words mean - namely that those who don't think as you do need to be "reeducated", then you really are pathetic.

Reeducation is the tool of totalitarians and control freaks. Clearly, your ideas have no merit - or you wouldn't have to use force tactics to get people to listen to them.

And the CPC wonders why they can't make much headway outside of the Sheeple of Alberta?

v said...

And as long as NDP guys like Canadian Cynic keep acting like shrill unstable freaks the NDP wil NEVER, EVER win anything.

Between me and you I'm a closet statist and really want to vote NDP, but I find the racism and sexism and hate and lies and extreme anger from bloggers like CC to be "Scary". I am too scared to put such an extremist - if well-meaning- party in power unless the hateful bigots like CC are removed from the NDP.

I mean, really, take a look at the freaks and Rabble Rejects that make up the ProgBlog and dipper blogroll and tell me that sort of extremism and hate goes over well with the average Canadian voter. Excuse me, but Robert McClelland? No wonder the NDP and its LOSER supporters like CC keep LOSING elections.

CC said...

"NDP guy"? Moi? Where on earth did you get that deranged idea?

Is this the best you can do, Anon? Invent strawmen to knock down? Man, you're even more pathetic than I thought. And that's saying something.

Sportin' Life said...

I, for one, would encourage everyone to mock and ridicule Canadians for their religious beliefs. (Bullying, not so much.)

I'm tired of the hold that superstition and supernaturalism seem to have on politics--all over the world. Grow up, humanity.

CC said...

I don't mock or ridicule peoples' religious beliefs. I just make fun of Leafs fans.

Oh, wait ...