Monday, October 31, 2005

Right-wing smackdown -- the Canadian edition.

And in keeping with my recent resolution to up my Canadian content, let's take a minute or two to slap around everyone's favourite local right-wing chew toy, Pete Rempel, based on this bit of silliness. Where to even begin?

Well, there's the fact that Pete uses the Wall Street Journal as a credible, objective news source. What's the problem, Pete? Couldn't access any online Bill O'Reilly transcripts or what?

Pete then goes on to (quite erroneously) suggest that both Karl Rove and Dick Cheney are now in the clear, when special prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald has made it abundantly clear that the book is definitely not closed on Uncle Karl. Not by a long shot.

And Pete's final "point" is just plain confusing:

The previously unknown Libby has been a key figure in the administration’s foreign policy and the “war against terror,” both of which the CIA have proven obstinate over. Is it perhaps not suprising that it is Libby who has been indicted rather then other administration figures?

Um ... huh? Would anyone like to translate this from Rempelese for the rest of us?

OH, WAIT ... Now I get it. It's a conspiracy theory. Whew. For a minute there, I thought Pete had written something stupid. Imagine my relief.

AFTERSNARK: I love Pete's implied smackdown of the CIA, as if they were somehow at loggerheads with this administration. Why, of course they were, Pete. How else to explain this savage comeuppance by the administration of former CIA head George Tenet? I'll bet that showed him who was boss, yessiree. Damn right.

CC: Tell me, Pete, do you ever actually listen to yourself?
Pete: Ah, I drift in and out.


Miss Cellania said...

I was tickled the other day to hear the radio headline "Rove will not be indicted today" (over and over) because I could just see how easy it would be to edit that down to "Rove will not be indicted". And many have done just that.

CC said...

It's certainly possible that no one else will be indicted, as long as Libby does the noble thing and takes the fall and refuses to implicate anyone else.

Of course, he might do that knowing that a presidential pardon is just around the corner. And wouldn't that solve everyone's problems?

As sleazy as that might be, don't count it out.