Wednesday, October 26, 2005

Mainstream media to Wankerville: Piss off.

Apparently, the mainstream media is just not interested in all that whining from the Bush administration or the citizens of Wankerville:

Going against the expressed wishes of the Pentagon, several top U.S. newspapers today treated the tragic arrival of the 2,000th American military death in Iraq as a major milestone. The New York Times even used that officially disapproved phrase in a headline at the top of a page. USA Today, the Los Angeles Times and The Washington Post all carried special features.

And the dam begins to leak just a little more ...

BY THE WAY, it's not like the Bush administration is opposed to the abstract concept of "milestones":

President George W. Bush said Iraq's Oct. 15 constitutional vote is a milestone for democracy in the region and the U.S. is making ``progress toward peace.''...

Apparently, there are good milestones, and there are not so good milestones.

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