Saturday, October 22, 2005

Crazy-assed bitch Malkin inventing her own reality again.

Gosh darn it, Michelle has the goods on us lefties again:

Here we go again. Australian moonbat journalists accuse American soldiers of abusing corpses in Afghanistan.

Yeah. And, by the way, ignore the fact that there's a video.

HISTORY LESSON TIME: Anyone remember this?

Top U.S. officials in Baghdad Thursday decried the killings of four U.S. security contractors in Fallujah, vowed to hunt down the perpetrators and promised to pacify the restive anti-U.S. hotbed...

The four -- employees of a security company that has provided security for Bremer -- "were attacked and their bodies subjected to barbarous maltreatment," Bremer said. "The acts we have seen were despicable and inexcusable. They violate the tenets of all religions including Islam as well as the foundations of civilized society.

I'm sure there's a "context" issue we're supposed to appreciate here.

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