Sunday, October 30, 2005

Conservatives bemoan lack of civility in discourse. No, seriously.

And over here, James Wolcott takes senility-addled Victor Davis Hanson out to the woodshed, after Vic has the audacity to write something this stupid:

"George Bush also should begin addressing his most venomous critics at home, by condemning their current extremism. He must explain to the nation how a radical, vicious Left has more or less gotten a free pass in its rhetoric of hate, and has now passed the limits of accepted debate."

Oh, yeah, that's us leftists -- completely unhinged in defense of our principles of stuff like, you know, universal rights and all that.

Mind you, this is the same Victor Davis Hanson who, in that very article, suggests that the best way for Commander Chimpy to respond to his critics is to " bare his fangs and like some cornered carnivore start slashing back."

Now that's discourse.

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