Friday, July 22, 2005

Bernie Goldberg: pathetic, right-wing, ass-kissing, suck-up.

Most people have undoubtedly heard of conservative apologist Bernard Goldberg's new book, "100 People Who Are Screwing Up America (and Al Franken Is # 37)". If you haven't, all you really need to know is, in Bernie's opinion, the most damaging, most harmful individual in America today is none other than filmmaker Michael Moore.

Think about that for a second. According to Bernie, the person who is screwing over America the most is a filmmaker whose films no one is forced to watch, an author whose books no one is forced to read, someone who holds no public office so he has absolutely no legislative power over anyone, and is in no way responsible, even a little bit, for the quagmire in Iraq, the tanking U.S. economy, the mind-blowing deficit, unemployment, massive corporate downsizing and outsourcing, abortions, teenage pregnancies, sexually-transmitted diseases, racism or the current overwhelming corruption and downright criminal behaviour permeating the Republican Party.

Go figure.

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Mark Francis said...

He was on Jon Stewart's show, and, unusually, Jon went after him for not including any truly powerful people in the book.

It seemed that almost all of them were NOT conservatives, save the odd extremist wingnut.