Sunday, May 22, 2005

She does get results, doesn't she?

Then, Feb 16, 2005:

In his State of the Union address, Bush also announced that his wife would lead a three-year, $150 million nationwide effort to reduce gang violence by encouraging young people to remain crime free.

Now, May 22, 2005:

Mrs. Bush, who is on a tour intended partly to help defuse anti-American sentiment in the region ...

Earlier mission accomplished, I guess. And so far ahead of schedule, too.


Anonymous said...

That's a cheap shot. A person can handle more than one task at a time. Better to ask what she's actually DONE about gang viloence. Anything?

CC said...

That's a cheap shot.

And your point is? Sorry, if you want "fair and balanced", there's always Fox News. :-)

On a more serious note, has anyone been keeping track of the numerous Laura Bush-associated "programs" lately? Boy, she is one busy little horse cock promoter these days, isn't she? It's as if this administration is at least as concerned about Laura's legacy as Chimpy's.

First, we have the first lady's home page here. Then there's the Laura Bush foundation here.

Laura seems like the perfect case study in attention-deficit disorder, bouncing from one charitable cause to the next: literacy, gangs, international relations. And, in each case, the cause is announced to great fanfare, only to disappear beneath the waves not long after.

As you say, what has she done about gang violence lately? And the answer is, who cares? She's found a new cause and that's all that counts.