Saturday, May 28, 2005

Peter MacKay, man of action.

Norm Spector, apparently inhabiting a different reality from the rest of us:

The Globe and Mail’s Lawrence Martin says Stephen Harper should be reflecting on his future:

Rather than wound him, the drama has turned him into a knight in shining armour. It's made him a household name and the closest thing to a heartthrob federal politics has got. Ask most any woman and they'll tell you about Peter MacKay. Handsome, strong, hot. And oh so valorous in the wake of being so badly spurned….

Mr. MacKay is not without his own set of weaknesses. His French is halting, and he has little experience in economics or foreign affairs. Some question his depth, and many still see him as too much the opportunist, ready to cast aside principles for the sake of ambition.

But, in terms of electability, the advantages he enjoys over Mr. Harper are imposing. He has none of the hard-line baggage that scares voters. He is far more saleable down east and in Ontario, and he has youth appeal and the aforementioned star power.

It's not just the look. Charisma requires that there be granite under the glitter. And one thing no one in Ottawa questions is Mr. MacKay's combative inner core. There is a slug-it-out quality about him, a directness of approach that sets him apart.

That would be this Peter MacKay, would it?


CathiefromCanada said...

I agree -- I used to think more highly of MacKay than I do now. His utter obliviousness to Stronach's discontent did not impress me as a leadership quality.

Moebius Stripper said...

Back during the Progressive Conservative leadership race, Macleans ran a two-page piece about all four of the candidates. I wish I'd saved it, because it was priceless. The article repeatedly referred to sexy, sexy Peter MacKay - voted sexiest male MP for four years running! - and his sexy girlfriend and sexy car. They ran a photo of him that was, to my (straight, female) eye, not sexy in the least, but what do I know?

The article also made passing references David Orchard and Jim Prentice before moving on to Scott Brison, who was also somewhat sexy, but not as sexy as sexy Peter MacKay. Oh, and Brison's gay. Gay. Get that, readers? He's GAY. But he and MacKay still get alone ok. Even though Brison's gay. And MacKay is straight. But they still get along!

Oh, I think there was something about the four men's policies in there, too, somewhere.

CC said...

"Oh, and Brison's gay. Gay. Get that, readers? He's GAY. But he and MacKay still get alone ok."

Well, that could explain Belinda's hasty departure, couldn't it? :-)

Moebius Stripper said...


But seriously, Peter MacKay is not gay, okay? He's not gay. He's not. Didn't you see how sexxxy he is? Not that there's anything wrong with being gay; some of his best former caucusmates are gay...

Anonymous said...

Peter Mackay is absolutely the gayest politician I've ever seen.