Thursday, February 10, 2005

RNC threatens legal action against critical media.

Oh, yeah, this is going to play really well. From
this Yahoo story, we have the Republican National Committee, threatening to sic the FCC on dissenters:

... RNC officials promise more challenges. "This committee will not cede one inch to any organization or group that tries to mislead Americans about the president's record of achievement or his vision to preserve Social Security," spokesman Danny Diaz said...

The RNC's letter noted that the stations have a responsibility as holders of Federal Communications Commission licenses "to avoid broadcasting deliberate misrepresentations. ... This letter places you on notice that the information (in the ad) is false and misleading."

Wow! Has Fox News heard about this?

... In 1998, the two filed a civil court lawsuit seeking employee protections under the state Whistleblower Act that resulted in a $425,000 jury award to Akre.

That verdict was overturned in 2003 when an appellate court accepted Fox's defense that since it is not technically against any law, rule or regulation for a broadcaster to distort the news, the journalists were never entitled to employee protections as whistleblowers in the first place.

Irony. The other white meat.

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