Saturday, February 12, 2005

Li'l Scottie's defense of "Jazzy Jeff" gets a big hole blown in it.

this article in the NYTimes, we have White House spokeslizard Scott McClellan explaining how hot military stud and presidential fluffer "Jeff Gannon" got clearance to attend WH press conferences:

Scott McClellan, the White House press secretary, told reporters yesterday that Mr. Bush did not know who Mr. Guckert was. Mr. McClellan said that Mr. Guckert entered the White House under his real name and "like anyone else, showed that he was representing a news organization that published regularly, and so he was cleared two years ago to receive daily passes, just like many others are."

Two years ago, you say? Fascinating, since a simple InterNIC query shows that Gannon's erstwhile employer, Talon News, only registered its domain name in March of 2003. For the right-wing, mathematically challenged, that would be less than two years ago.

In addition, a simple perusal of Talon News' archives shows the oldest article from (you guessed it) April of 2003. So how exactly did Gannon get accreditation "two years ago" based on an organization that didn't even exist yet? Stay tuned as your razor-sharp, intrepid White House press corps fails totally to ask this, and many other, pertinent questions.

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