Thursday, February 17, 2005

"But honey, the second one was half price!"

What exactly is it with
Republicans and prostitutes?

TAMPA -- An assistant state attorney general was hit with pepper spray and mugged after he called an escort service to a hotel, police said.

Assistant Attorney General John Rimes was beaten and robbed of about $500 on Thursday while staying at the Hilton Tampa Airport Westshore, according to a Tampa police report released Monday.

Rimes, 54, was treated at St. Joseph's Hospital until Sunday, hospital officials said.

The police report states that two women arrived at Rimes' hotel room late Thursday after he called an escort service for female companionship.

Police said Rimes had $200, but the women told him he needed more. He went to an ATM and withdrew $300.

After Rimes returned, someone knocked on his hotel room door. Rimes saw a well-dressed man through the peephole and opened the door, police said.

That's when the man used pepper spray on Rimes, beat him and took the money, police said. The women left, and other hotel guests who were affected by the spray called security, the report said.

Attorney General Charlie Crist said he will ask the inspector general of his office to look into the incident.

Rimes could not be reached for comment Monday, The Tampa Tribune reported.

Paying for a hooker is one thing, but two of them? Man, that's just greedy.

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