Monday, February 28, 2005

115 dead in Iraqi suicide bombing.

"Suicide Bomb Kills 115 Near Iraq Marketplace." Gee, if you didn't already know that freedom was on the march, democracy was taking root and stuff like that there, this sort of thing might almost upset you.


Dizzy Gillespie said...

This is nothing less than an extreme trades, and I hope everyone reading this will pray for those recruits. This is a disgusting act of terrorism; killing people who had signed up to fight for democracy. What are these terrorists trying to prove with this? That Allah is on their side? That by killing brave innocents their message will be sent? It's just senseless.

However, you have people trying to capitalize off of this incident, which is almost as disgusting as the bombing itself. CC has decided that because of this attack, freedom isn't being fought for. He also feels the need to flaunt this in our faces, as though the more deaths in Iraq there are, the better his argument is. Just because of this, I know that he couldn't care less about the Iraqis. If he did, he might show some sympathy towards them, instead of being delighted at their deaths.

How many people died during WWII before liberty was achieved? Do I need to say more? In every fight for freedom, innocent people have died. It's those who are doing the killing, those fighting against freedom, who carry out those murders. It doesn't mean that freedom isn't achievable, nor that freedom isn't possible.

People like CC will never really understand this, and nothing I can say could persuade him. However, the Iraqis know the truth, and that's good enough for me. If the true defenders of liberty know the truth about these terrorists, then who cares what some pathetic malcontent with a superiority complex thinks?

And who will history favor? The defenders of freedom, or thos critisizing them?

Dizzy Gillespie said...

And if you think that the Iraqis agree with your viewpoint CC, just take a look at their blogs. (more links to Iraqi blogs on that page)

You'll find that there are as outraged as I am.