Monday, November 08, 2004

I'm not sure I can keep this up

It's what you would call "outrage overload". I'll probably write a long post in the next day or two getting into this in more detail but, essentially, it's getting harder and harder to psyche up to generate content which is just a depressing catalogue of how, just when you think the Republicans can't get any more greedy, venal, arrogant, dishonest, corrupt, despicable or loathsome, they still manage to surprise you.

As just one example, John over at AmericaBlog has this tasty tidbit, about how Chief Justice Rehnquist may have timed his cancer announcement to boost Bush's re-election chances. Now, I think we all know that, if the Dems had done something like this, there would have been no end of fuming, sputtering outrage from the right. But when the Repubs pull something like this, they seem almost proud of how devious and underhanded they can be.

And the other reason for waning enthusiasm is, frankly, I'm just fed up with the Democrats. I'll almost certainly write a longer post expanding on this but, really, can there be any doubt that the Dems are, these days, a party of complete incompetents? I didn't think so. There's nothing wrong with being driven by outrage against something but, for balance, you really need to be in favour of some kind of alternative for psychic health. And, from where I sit, perhaps the one good thing that will come out of this election is the thorough evisceration of the Democratic Party.

One can only hope that, from the ashes of the Dems, there will arise something worth cheering for and supporting, because the Dems themselves just aren't worth shit any more. I mean, if your opponent is a smirking, incoherent, inarticulate, dry drunk, arrogant, AWOL frat boy and lifelong failure at everything he touches, and he not only stomps you in the election but actually increases his party's grip on power, well, let's face it, you suck.

More later, if or when I get the energy to come up with something to say.

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