Friday, July 02, 2004

... and you don't mess with the CIA

From a Ken Fireman Newsday piece, discussing various Bush administration screwups:

One error that stands out as especially costly is the decision last year to blame the CIA for the president's inaccurate claim that Iraq sought to buy uranium in Africa. Picking a fight with the agency is never a good idea given its capacity for self-protective retaliation, and the administration has paid a stiff price. The latest installment came last month when the CIA cleared a new book by a senior official calling the Iraq war a blunder.

Yessir, you just don't fuck with the CIA. You do and ... and ... darn it, they'll get their director to resign. And if they get really pissed, they'll ... they'll ... well, they'll just clear a book.

And God help you if you expose one of their covert operatives. Holy shit, they'll just ... uh ... they'll ... beats me, what the hell did they do about that?

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